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Publish Like a Professional

Marketing and Distribution

You want your book to look as professional as possible. Otherwise, your book will be poorly received. Having a professional publication is essential for successfully marketing your book.

OK, so you’ve written your book. Congratulations! You must be eager to get your book into print. But please don’t rush the process.

Before you can send your book off to the printer, your book must be professionally edited.

A professional edit does cost more money and time. But editing is necessary if you want your book to be sought after. A sloppy looking book won’t generate much interest, if any. Editing ensures that your book reads well and looks clean and crisp.

How will your book stand out without a professional cover? If readers see a generic-looking template, surely they’ll never give your book a chance, even if the content truly is great. You want a cover that looks like it was designed with care, attention, and expertise.

A professional cover designer has the experience and expertise to create the cover that you need. He or she has the proper artistic sensibilities, knows how to translate those sensibilities into a cover, and does so with attention to the prevailing styles of your book’s genre.

Once again, please don’t rush the publishing process. Take the time to go over the edits, review your proofs, don’t rush any rounds of revisions.

Market yourself even before your book is finished. Not only market the book itself, but market yourself. You want to create a good name for yourself. If readers like you, the author, and what you’re all about, they’re more likely to buy your book.