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Why You Need an Author Website

Marketing and Distribution

An author website is an essential aspect of your author platform. The Internet provides people all over the world a chance to connect with you. Your own website provides a centralized place for everyone to learn about you and become familiar with your work. Your website gives you the visibility you deserve.

Having your own website also gives you control. Your website is a crucial way to build your brand, and thus, to market yourself and your book. Our website designers build user-friendly WordPress sites. Your professionally designed website will give readers a favorable first impression.

After we set up your website, you can update it as you please. You can build your mailing list, upload media (e.g., images and videos), link your social media pages (e.g., Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter), link your book’s retail sites (e.g., Amazon), and much more. Your website is your personal space to share about you and your book. You have the convenience of sharing everything you need all in one space.

After we build your website, you don’t need to know code to keep it updated. It’s user friendly! See Book Marketing Services—Author Website to learn more.