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What is an Author Platform? How Do I Build it?

Marketing and Distribution

Picture a high platform that can be seen from the distance. Being on that platform allows you to stand out to a large audience. Having an established platform means that you’re well known, you have followers, and you’re contributions are sought after.

An author platform is your ability to sell books. Primarily, your platform is your following. Your platform is built upon who you are, the connections you have, and the media you use. Using who you are, your connections, and media, you want to grow and engage your following. A greater following means greater book sales.

Your platform’s building blocks may include the following:

➢  Speaking engagements

➢  Book festivals

➢  Conferences

➢  Influential connections—family, friends, clients, colleagues, media personalities

➢  Media appearances—magazines, newspapers, podcasts, radio, television

➢  Social media presence—Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter

➢  Blogging

➢  Mailing lists and/or newsletters

➢  Your website