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eBook Vs pBook

All Things eBook

eBooks and print books (pBooks) can offer different advantages. For your readers, eBooks are cheaper, more convenient, and instantly delivered. Hundreds and thousands, if not millions, of eBooks can fit on an e-reader or electronic device. For those hard of seeing, the eBook’s font can be increased or zoomed in upon. And with the click of a button, the eBook is available.

Traditional books, pBooks, offer a pleasing sensory experience. Readers hold the book, feel the book, smell the book. pBooks can be easily shared among friends, generating interest in you and your book. Having books on their shelves can give readers a sense of accomplishment, of pride, and it can be a source of aesthetic pleasure.

For you, the author, it may be advisable to offer your book in each format. For many readers, the choice between eBook and pBook isn’t about one or the other—many readers appreciate having both. And having both can make sure your book is distributed to the widest audience.

Another advantage of eBooks is that you don’t incur printing costs for each book sold, so you may end up with greater royalties!