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Sell Your Book Successfully

Marketing and Distribution

As a self-published author, what distribution options would you like for your book?
Which ones are best for you?
Let’s look at the options.

Option 1: Sell your books directly on your own website.

In this case, your website needs a shopping cart where your customers can make their purchase. Specify your preference for this before beginning the design of your website. To incorporate a shopping cart into your website is not difficult, but it does take additional time and will incur an additional fee.

Here are a few things to consider if you would like to sell your books directly on your website:

How will you accept payment for your books. Will you only accept PayPal payments? Or will you accept credit cards? If you accept credit cards, you’ll need to set up a merchant account so you can process the credit card charges.

Would you like to sell eBooks on your site? If so, then you’ll need to have a delivery system to your clients after they make their purchase.

Do you want to fill the orders for print books yourself? If so, then you will need to print books and have them on hand. The minimum quantity for print-on-demand (POD) is 25 copies.

Inword Publishers can print, warehouse, and fulfill your orders. We would start by printing a minimum of 25 copies to have books available as the orders arrive. The cost to warehouse and fulfill your orders is billed monthly.

print-on-demandOption 2: Sell your books through the POD distributors

When you distribute through these channels, your book will be sold through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. There is no physical inventory to be managed nor are storage fees incurred. The online retailers fill your orders for you.

Your books are made available for sale in United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, and Germany, along with other countries in Europe.

Your book will also be listed in the Ingram Book catalog used by bookstores and libraries.

You can see the distribution channels we offer for print and eBooks here.