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Publishing Time Frames

Book Production

Below are rough estimates of how long some of the main steps in book production may take. When planning your book release carefully note the time each step may take. Allot time for you to review and resubmit material at each stage of the process. The time frames shown here are the time we need to complete the work and do not include time with you for review.


Manuscript Assessment


Cover Design Concept

Cover Design Finalized

Interior Layout Concept or
Layout Finalized 

Layout of Book/Conversion to eBook

Back Cover Concept

Digital Proof

Hard Proof 


Registration with Distributors,
Retailers, and Wholesalers

Number of Business Days


20–45 per round of revisions

10–14 days for concept; 5 days per round of revisions

5–7 days from approval of concept

5–7 days for concepts; 3–5 days per round of revisions

15–20 days for entire book; 5 days for per round of revisions

3 days; 2 days per round of revisions

6–8 days

5–10 days

7–10 for POD/Short Runs; 20–30 for Offset

2–4 weeks after data upload, which is done when book goes to print

These times are estimates and can vary based on existing jobs in production.