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Trim Sizes for Print-On-Demand Books

Book Printing

Book size, also known as “trim size,” refers to the dimensions of your book. Inword Publishers offers industry-standard book size, using popular sizes of each genre. Choosing the genre-appropriate print size will give you the professional look and feel that you seek. Some popular trim sizes are as follows:

➢ 5 x 8.5″ Small Digest

  • Trade paperbacks and novels, poetry books.

➢ 6 x 9″ Standard Trade

  • General nonfiction. If more room is needed than what 6 x 9″ offers, such as for sidebars, 7 x 10″ is a common choice.

➢ 7 x 10″ Large Trade

  • General nonfiction.

➢ 5 x 11″ US Letter

  • Textbooks, art and photography books, manuals, cookbooks, religious publications. This is good for 2-column text layouts.

These trim sizes and more are available. Visit our Printing and Distribution Services page for sample prices. And go to our Publish Your Book page to build your custom publishing plan.