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When to Start Marketing

Marketing and Distribution

Now is the time! Seriously, it’s never too early to start marketing your book, even if your book isn’t finished. If you want your book to stand out, the sooner you begin marketing, the better.

It all starts with your book. A well-written, professionally designed book is crucial to the success of your marketing. Keep this is mind is you develop the book through its various stages.

Having an online presence is a highly recommended way to market. This can include your author website and social media presence. At Inword Publishers, we help you develop your author brand and platform using these important pillars of success. Visit our Book Marketing Services page.

In the meantime, you can make opportunities to market yourself. Go to book festivals. Schedule speaking engagements. Write a blog. Go to conferences and conventions with like-minded people. Find ways to interact with your target audience.

Give complimentary copies to whoever can help create buzz for your book. Maybe some of your family, friends, and colleagues can spread the word. Perhaps you can get an endorsement from someone influential. If you can get some reviews, great! You can post them online and spark interest in your book.

Visit independent bookstores. Contact local newspapers and magazines. Try to get some airtime with a traditional radio station, an online radio station, or a relevant podcast. Research the Internet for more ideas.