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How to Set the Retail Price

Marketing and Distribution

However concerned you are with profit, you’ll want your book to be competitively and reasonably priced. What is the price range of similar books of the same genre? Not only is the genre important in pricing your book, but also factors such as trim size, paper weight, number of pages, and hard- or softcover.

Compare the prices of similar books. Head to your local bookstores. Search the Web’s plethora of online bookstores. Are you aiming for a niche market? Look at some of the biggest booksellers in that market.

Don’t forget to take printing costs into account. How much does each book cost to print? Unless you don’t mind losing money, you’ll want to set a retail price that at least allows you to recoup the cost of printing.

For setting the price of your eBook, see How to Price an eBook.