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The Production Process for Self-Publishers


Knowing the steps of book production will better equip you to make informed decisions and choices about the publishing of your book. You’ll be able to plan your time for your book release date. And even before you get to the release, understanding the process will help you budget money and your time to get your book to market.

Whether a book is published by an author or a large publishing house, it goes through the same stages of production. At Inword Publishers, each stage is carefully planned and monitored by our production team. Each step of production is handled by a person with professional expertise.

We relieve you of the necessity to find, interview, hire, and manage multiple freelancers’ time and quality work.

Production Stages

Critique Manuscript

• Revision based on critique (author).

Edit Manuscript

 • Review edits and answer queries (author).

Design Interior and Cover

 • Review designs and request revisions (author).

Designer Institutes Corrections/Suggestions from Author

 • Review new cover/interior proofs (two rounds allowed).

Secure ISBN, LCCN, and Register Copyrights

Layout Book

Proofread Book

• You can proofread your own book (not recommended), find a friend or two to proofread (less than ideal), or use Inword Publisher’s proofreader.

• If you don’t proofread the book yourself (smart move!), you will want to review the work before you sign off on it. Your book is about to go to print. Take your time here.

Index Book (if applicable)

• Review index and sign off on it.

Print and/or Convert into eBook

• Review digital or hard proof.

Distribute Book into Worldwide Distribution Channels

Market Book

• It’s your time to welcome your book into the world with a book release event.

By working with Inword Publishers, you can focus on the most important aspect of book production after you have written your book: promoting your book. Self-publishing is a popular option because whether you self-publish or work with a publisher, you will be the prime person marketing your book. So you have the same responsibility, but by self-publishing you make more money on the sale of each book.

Generally, a non-complex book will take 3 to 4 months from the time you handover the manuscript to the time of publication. See the chart Publishing Time Frames  for more details about timelines.

It’s important to budget your time and money so your book can be published without delays. You want to have enough time and money to see your book through production and into a healthy promotion plan.

Your main investments of time will be:

• Reviewing edits of the MS
• Reviewing design concepts of interior and cover
• Reviewing final proofs of laid-out pBook or eBook
• Writing your author bio, back cover, book description, and content for your website (if applicable)
• Seeking endorsements
• Marketing your book (ongoing)
• Building your author platform (ongoing)

The main expenses of publishing a book are:

• Editing
• Design & Layout
• Printing & Distribution
• Marketing

We’re here to answer any question you have about production and costs of our services.