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What Size Book Should I Print?

Book Printing

Book size, also known as “trim size,” refers to the dimensions of your book. Inword Publishers offers industry-standard book size, using popular sizes of each genre. Choosing the genre-appropriate print size will give you the professional look and feel that you seek. Some popular trim sizes are as follows:

➢ 5.5 x 8.5″ Small Digest

  • Trade paperbacks and novels, poetry books.

➢ 6 x 9″ Standard Trade

  • General nonfiction. If more room is needed than what 6 x 9″ offers, such as for sidebars, 7 x 10″ is a common choice.

➢ 7 x 10″ Large Trade

  • General nonfiction.

➢ 8.5 x 11″ US Letter

  • Textbooks, art and photography books, manuals, cookbooks, religious publications. This is good for 2-column text layouts.

These trim sizes and more are available. And go to our Publish Your Book page to build your custom publishing plan.