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Build Your Print Book

Print Book Base Plan $720

Now that you know in which version you want to publish your book, you’re ready to determine which options to add to your Print Book (pBook) Base Plan so that your book manifests with the professionalism you deserve.

Our Print Book Base Plan Includes:

  • 100% rights and royalties
  • Manuscript cleanup and preparation
  • Custom interior layout design
  • ISBN, LCCN, and bar codes
  • Proofs of your book
  • $25 credit toward complimentary copies
  • Amazon Look Inside! Submission
  • Barnes & Noble Read Instantly Submission

Customize Your Publishing Plan

In addition to the necessary elements of the base plan, you can choose add-ons from our editorial, design, distribution and marketing services that best serve the creation of your pBook. After selecting from the add-ons below and submitting the form, you will be emailed a copy your submission, and within 24 hours we will contact you with an accurate quote. You will not be expected to pay any kind of fee in full or in part at the submission of this quote.